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Fur Face Pet Portraits

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Fur Face Pet Portraits

Family Friendly Pet Photography for Pets and Their People

I love my furbabies, so I understand how much you love yours, too. It’s amazing how these pets can become a part of our families. But, let’s admit it, they don’t always cooperate when we cant to take a photo!

Connor the Husky

“In the eyes of love, a dog discovers its worth beyond measure.”

Poodle Fever

“Love’s gentle touch weaves a tapestry of happiness in a dog’s soul.”

The Triplets

“Love is the key that unlocks the door to a dog’s boundless affection and unwavering companionship.”

"Until one has loved ab animal, a part of one's should remains unawakened."

1.5 Hours


  • Typical 7 day delivery turnaround
  • 30 -mile complimentary travel included
  • 18 Retouched Photos

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1 Hour


  • Typical 7 day delivery turnaround
  • 30 -mile complimentary travel included
  • 12 Retouched Photos

In Home Studio Sessions


-For these sessions, I bring my lights and backgrounds to you along with a few basic props. They can be done in a room in your home-outside in nice weather etc. They generally take 2 hours as It takes extra time to set up/tear down and it is usually challenging to get pets to stay in one place as is required here. If you know your pet will absolutely not stay still, I do not recommend this package. I am very patient though and am usually able to get great photos of most pets even if it takes a while-it's worth it!

Studio Pet Photo Package Includes

2 hour Photo Shoot 3 different backgrounds-Your favorite 20 Fully Retouched High Resolution Photo Files-Alternate BW/Vintage/Fun effects added versions of 5+ of your favorites!

Have a friend with a pup that also wants photos? We can do 2 shoots at one time and save you both some money! Just how much depends on how many photos you want.

Pet 'Parties'

I am available to take photos at Pet Birthday Parties as well!

Price depends on how many hours you need me, location and if you want me to bring my studio set up.

A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking. The deposit is applied to your session fee and is non-refundable. We also require a signed contract and model release before your session (you will receive these details shortly after booking your session date). The remaining balance of your session fee is due by the date of your session. We’re happy to reschedule your session in the event of inclement weather or illness, but we ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice.

Your photos will be delivered via download through an online gallery.